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Diagnostics & Electrical

Diagnostics & Electrical

When you are on the job and your commercial equipment experiences an electrical issue or your trucks are showing an error code, it stands to reason that you will want to get to the bottom of that situation right away. Time is money and we understand this at Quality Truck & Tire. It is for this reason that we take great pride in our diagnostic and electrical services for all of our valued customers. At our heavy equipment repair facility in Clare, we make it our mission to utilize our experienced technicians and advanced equipment to administer high end repairs, and get our customers back on the road as soon as possible. At our facility, we have experience working on commercial vehicles and on road equipment from the industry’s most reputable brands. This allows us to use manufacturer specific diagnostic tools to match your exact commercial vehicle or on road equipment.  

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Defining diagnostic trouble codes 

With how heavy commercial equipment is used on a daily basis, chances are at some point, you will encounter an error code on your odometer. Thankfully, there are facilities like Quality Truck & Tire that have advanced diagnostic equipment that can be used to pinpoint these issues and have them repaired as soon as possible. Some common diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) can include: 

B: Body

C: Chassis

U: User network

P: Powertrain 

0: Generic or Global Fault 

1: Manufacturer  

3: Ignition systems 

6: Onboard computer or auxiliary outputs 

7, 8, or 9: Transmission  

How to read these diagnostic trouble codes 

When you notice any of these codes show up on your odometer, it is essential that you have an understanding of what they mean. As the operator, you want your vehicle to be running as efficiently as possible and visible error codes can put a damper on that. Diagnostic codes are vital to understanding when your vehicle has an issue, long before complete failure. The challenge is that, even if it tells you which system has an issue, it won’t tell you why. When you bring your commercial vehicle into Quality Truck & Tire, we can use our diagnostic equipment to understand what the code is indicating, find the issue, and repair it as soon as possible.

We encourage you to get in touch with us at Quality Truck & Tire if you are in need of diagnostics and electrical repairs. Click here to find our contact information or speak with a member of our team today.


We had our 1996 motor home break down on the side of US-10. On a sunday which anlso was Fathers day. The amazing mechanic named Paul came out with the tow truck, and attempted to fix the issue for us. When we could not he towed us back to their yard, allowed us to plug in for the night to their electricity without charge and stay in our motor home while offering us a loner car if we needed to go to town. They got rite to us in the morning and managed to find the parts we needed rite away. These folks are amazing!

Dean Franley
Clare, MI

We had a wheel bearing failure on our fifth wheel camper on US 127 near Clare, Michigan at 2:30PM on a Friday afternoon. I called a couple of towing companies that were less than helpful due to the time and proximity to the weekend. I then called R Franke RV repair, whom we had used before, and they recommended QUALITY TRUCK AND TIRE. QT&R had a service truck to our assistance in 20 minutes and At their shop in under an hour.Quality Truck and Tire gave us outstanding service at a very reasonable price. I recommend them for your service needs in tha Clare area.

Jim Panning
Clare, MI

I hit a deer at 430am, these guys were out promptly to tow me. They were all very compassionate to my situation, let me sit in their closed office until I could figure out transportation. I had to take multiple trips to my vehicle and they were always very helpful. 10/10 would recommend!!

Alice H
Clare, MI