Blue Box | Quality Towing Services | Clare, MI 48617

About Us

Marlin Fox opened Quality Truck & Tire in Clare on October 15, 2007. For years he had dreamt of opening his own business working on large trucks along with buying and selling equipment. This was his passion! Marlin has always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work. From an early age, he dreamed of being a mechanic. At 19, he took the first steps toward that dream by landing a job repairing wrecked trucks and putting them back together.

At 27, he bought an empty building in Clare Michigan. He started out with zero customers but, through hard work and long hours, he gained work from many local fleets and farmers as well as customers coming off the interstate. Having that same passion for his work and an outstanding team has made Quality Truck & Tire a respected and thriving shop in Clare, Michigan.


Now, with the beginning of Quality Towing Services, Marlin has expanded this business to doing towing and roadside assistance. We strive to provide quality towing, accident recovery and roadside service to a growing customer base. Between our expanding coverage area, qualified technicians and drivers, multiple tow trucks, service trucks and more, Quality Towing Services has transformed our operation into the ultimate one-stop shop for our clients’ needs.